Thursday, April 26, 2007

Is Bob Dylan Dead?

We read Chronicles for one of my classes today and a freshman actually asked if Bob Dylan is dead. Clearly he doesn't look too good, but c'mon people. Someone else said they assumed (not having read) he was a shitty writer and that he's "just OK, I mean clearly he can kick out the jams, but he's not the greatest." Who are these kids?!

Bob Dylan: living legend, one of the greatest American poets ever, amazing singer-songwriter, hilarious heckler, musical genius. Dylan is still alive and well, see Modern Times or any number of young and diverse acts who are drawing on his inspiration and reinterpreting his songs themselves. You don't need to go any farther than the music itself:

A few days ago the amazing Roots came for our Spring Weekend shit-show extravaganza and did a cover of "Masters of War" that began in the tune/melody of the "Star Spangled Banner" and broke down "When the Saints Go Marching" in the middle. Absolutely crazy, moving and genius. And completely their own.

So there! Bobby D: still kicking.

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Phil said...

You Tell Em Girl! That Roots show was the shit and those kids in your whack! They should see the Dylan documentaries that we are into and hopefully then they will have some more appreciation for the one and only Zimmy!...who I have always enjoyed and respected, but now revere even more in response to your intense appreciation. Keep kickin out the jams Girl and schoolin all the school children.